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  1. I can't stand when a reviewer tells you how long a game is or how long the campaign is. You can do a successful review without it. It's a spoiler for me. At least say spoiler warning. Now the entire game I'll keep thinking about that time. My opinion.

  2. Seriously why give this an 8.3? It wasn't as scary as TDD and the gameplay wasn't as challenging. Not only that why did you give SOMA an 8.1 even though it was a lot more successful than MFP?

  3. This game is seriously scary af. Check out my YouTube channel to see me and my roommate Andrew's reaction to Amnesia The Dark Descent. It scared us shitless!

  4. I think they're both scary, and this was scarier than the dark descent for me. I know that's incredibly different than how everyone else feels but I'm doing both games on my channel and the sequel is scaring me a lot more.

  5. I still feel the first Penumbra was the best. Sure, it had clunky controls when it came to fighting, but it was meant to finish the game without fighting a single time. The story was absolutely great, the end was fantastic, the puzzles were awesome, maybe a bit harder, but i liked them very much. The original amnesia came very close to that, but the first Penumbra will always have a special place for me as one of the best games I have ever played. This Amnesia just sucks, imo.

  6. I felt this game was pretty disappointing.  I felt the darkness was more annoying than creepy – the point of using darkness to scare people is walking INTO it, not knowing what lurks there and finding your way out.  But when you're always in the dark, it actually becomes less scary.  I was also disappointed about how little action there was.  I wasn't expecting fight scenes, but more often than not, whenever a manpig was near by, there is no active threat.

    The game's story was the only thing that was interesting, and even at that, it was a little bit on the difficult side to figure out, or at least felt a little inconclusive.

  7. I think this game is greatly underappreciated. I do agree a 100% that the gameplay changes they made were pretty shit and The Dark Descent is still a better game, but the story of A Machine For Pigs was leaps and bounds beyond its predecessor. It's just a shame they the gameplay wasnt on par with the first one.

  8. What is wrong with this game… it lags so much, even on lowest settings. … My PC is a beast, it runs all games on highest settings. Can someone tell me a fix to this? 

    4820k overclocked to @4,5 and i have a r9 290x gpu and 16gb ram(not that this matters anything). 

  9. amnesia  a machine for pigs is not as god or scarier as the original but is still scarier then dead space or fear because it understands subtlety and the fear of unknown

  10. Not as good as the first game. It was less scary too. They took out the whole inventory and item collecting. DOnt need to keep your lantern going with oil and no more sanity potions. Why? 

  11. Jesus IGN the video quality is terrible! The game shows aliasing, tearing and your controller handling is emberassing. If you review games on pc at least show us what it COULD look and play like with proper settings.

  12. The quality of the game really depends on what your personal taste is. If you're wanting a story that is shown to you, this is it. However, if you're wanting something that you participate in and that makes you a key component in the story, this is a bit disappointing. Personally, I didn't find the game all that scary, but again, it's all about what you prefer. 

  13. You have to agree that, when you first started this game you were excited! I know I was, because I LOVED The Dark Descent, but then as you progress through the game it's more about story less horror, more on the creepy side, and it is pretty calm. It has stupid cheap jump scares as well. In Amnesia The Dark Descent, you actually feared for your life! Remember the prison part? Still am frightened by it to this day! In fact, I still play The Dark Descent to this day! Machine for pigs was a total disappointment. The Dark Descent fans were expecting an even more scare but got a waste of time and money. Think, would you sit down and show your friends Machine for pigs? 

  14. bearguy you are calling this game story mediocre? wtf are you talking about it has some of the best writing ever and soundtrack yeah the gameplay sucks but its better than most things we get these days everyone just says "add more guns and explosions and bullet types and godzilla screw the story"

  15. This game sucks… Holy shit I actually hate it as a thing on this planet. No fear whatsoever. I got scared once and that was because I was starting to realize I wasted 20 bucks on that pile of shit. No sanity? No items?? And the story was mediocre at best, and I'm being generous with that.

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