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  1. If This Were a real beginner's guide, you would be telling people to make sure no matter if they need a weapon or not to pick it up anyway because you will constantly want to sell them at vending machines so that you will have enough cash to buy the things that you want

  2. I played borderlands 2 and idk man, I ain’t like it. It’s basically just a comic looking shooter game. Seems boring to spend more than 1 hr on this game.

  3. Any of you guys getting insanely low FPS and extreme lag when ADSing?!

    CPU-Ryzen 5 1600

    It started off smooth around 90 FPS on high settings but after adjusting the settings in an attempt to fix the scope lag I ruined my FPS. I now average around 58. I reverted all my settings and it still hasn’t fixed the issue at all. Any ideas?!

  4. question my peeps, on the one x do uguys have it on performance mode or resolution mode. the 4k 30 fps looked amzing and sharp but the frame rate was way too slow. input?

  5. Anyone else have it crash their whole Xbox? Happened to my buddy once and to me once. Used to be a problem with my old unit a lot and it would give me a ventilation message before. But in this case there was no message. Think it’s just a bug?

  6. For PC users: DO NOT USE DIRECTX 12 YET!

    They say that it is currently in beta in the options, but the real reason you shouldn’t is because there is a loading issues with the game takes up to 15 minutes before you can play. Just stick to 11 for now.

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