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  1. All this bitching about the two final seasons… yes, they were rushed and most of the writing was much weaker than the first 5 or 6 seasons, but the show ended nowhere near as bad as people make it out to be.. Game of Thrones, in my humble opinion, is still one of the greatest shows of all time and if they don’t rush it again, this prequel series can also turn out great!

  2. I already know how the show ends so I have no interest in going back 300 years when I know what happens 300 years later.

    Edit: But I'll keep my eyes peeled to see how it turns out.

  3. I honestly feel that some people need to rethink what they say before assuming the prequel will be bad as season 8 of GOT. The producers see what the fans have said, and as a matter of fact, I am disappointed in the final season as well. The producers will see what their mistakes are and improve. If what IGN says is true, we will see a lot of dragons. The time period is the ancient past where Westeros is not found yet. We will see tons of amazing characters, scenery, and battles. I'm sure it will be great.

  4. dude the hype is all dead and gone now. no one cares about this anymore because we know how it ends and we learn that the Night King doesnt even matter or do anything in the end.,

  5. I was satisfied with season 8 ending and am not sure what's the fuss is all about but disappointed with the white walkers ending. I feel like the prequel will be something totally different and nothing to compare with since there is a 300 years time different. And those who complain, am sure you going to watch it at the end.

  6. Are they talking about the Empire of Ash PREQUEL series or a diff series? Empire of ash is about Valaria before the doom. So this is the 3rd show and it's about Targaryens? ! I know the Targaryens are also In empire of ash but they are a small weak family at the tine

  7. More interested in this than the long night show they're making, at least with this there's already a framework to work from, they're not just going to be asspulling the entire story.

  8. so….no fall of valyria…..? but anyway. this has the potential to be as incredible as the first 1-6 seasons (yes the writing started going downhill in 5 but those two seasons are still great imo) just keep D and D away from this, and treat it with care.

  9. I've accepted the final season of GoT but the worst thing is that all the hype I use to have regarding anything new released about this world has completely died.

  10. Conductor Santa Claus better bring out that new book soon, and quit messing around with these shows. I need proper closure after D and D (Dumb and Dumber) ruined it for me

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