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  1. I liked the last one. But damn they took this one and nailed it all around!
    Only thing im missing is a multiplayer map with Rain? Gears does amazing Rain effects, So why not give a map some much needed rain effects?
    One thing I still thought would join the multiplayer experience? Was custmizable weather effects for online play.
    Rain, hail, snow, desert and thunder storms…

  2. It is the most fluid Gears since 3. But the lack of content and innovation is alarming. If another franchise did the same it would not happen of an 8. I hope that the content of the dlcs is of quality, because as they are the four maps of always (cuts and sticks) … it will die very, VERY soon. It will not pass Borderlands 3 and COD WF

  3. Finished the game in 2 days and enjoyed every minute of it. Don't care for multiplayer so I got what I hoped for. Awesome gameplay and great graphics and the story was well done as well. Looking forward what they can do on Scarlet and how they will push it even further.

  4. This game has the most pointless open world I’ve ever seen, and a terribly short campaign too on top of bland multiplayer. I’m starting to think reviews these days are pointless.

  5. I really enjoyed the first half of the game and enjoyed it much better then 4 but I got really sick of driving the skiff everywhere in the second half.

  6. I guess when Xbox has nothing to compete with against PlayStation or Nintendo this whole generation you get the Xbox fanboy that thought alien isolation was too hard to write a final review. Lmao

  7. Gears of war 3 is still my favourite campaign and felt as if it should have been the actual conclusion. I feel like this series is just dragging on and on and on…

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