Learn How To Talk About Smartphones In English

It is always good to learn the English words and phrases that you need to know to talk about new things. Smartphones are relatively new around the world in the …


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  1. Well, I use my smartphone all the time. I got a service plan two years ago. Now I have to pay my cell phone provider for the service. It´s very expensive in my country, but I need it. I unlock my phone by pushing my fingerprint scanner or sometimes I swipe up and punch in my pin or my personal identification number. I always push my power button to turn it off when I go to sleep. I don´t like any interruptions when I sleep. I use my volume up button when I listen to music or when I watch videos. I like to protect my smartphone especially the screen. I use the front-facing camera to take some selfies, but I also use my rear-facing camera to take photos of interesting things. I turn my phone ringer down or I set it to vibrate when I´m in a meeting. I bought a protective cover to put on my phone because I want it to look nice. I connect a wire to the port in order to charge my phone. I recharge it three times a day because it has two SIM cards. I like to plug my earbuds in my headphone jack when I want to enjoy my music. I have to tap on the icons to start or to open my favorite apps. That´s it. I just wanted to put those words in sentences. Some people might need it anyway. Thank you very much! I loved your lesson about smartphones.

  2. sometimes i watch your videos in my phone other times in a computer, for me the computer is better because i can watch your lives and see the coments in the same time.

  3. In the past, i like to get a friend who is english native. But i never got him or her.
    By the way, now i have a friend whose name is Bob ㅎㅎ.
    Internet and smartphone brought me him. Nice meet you,Bob!
    Have a happy day~~!

  4. Good morning ?, dear Bob! Thank you very much for your lesson! I really like your method of explaining, that is very useful easy to learning and remembering. God bless you ?!
    But, when are you take a rest, dear teacher? 4 am in a morning… Take care of yourself, please!:) You have a big family, and You need them more than to us!??‍?‍?‍?

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