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  1. Hey! Could you please do the same video but for the gold iPhone 11 pro or just for all of the colours, I’m trying to get an idea of what one I want but can’t seem to find any photos or videos that look true to colour. Would much appreciate it if you did. Thanks

  2. How is the video quality compared to the iPhone 10? Much better in low light? I was thinking to use it for a YouTube channel. Is it good enough?

  3. Hey Marques great video indeed. Loved the early unboxing experience. I am actually interested in the comparision of Apple iPhone 11 pro max Vs Asus ROG phone 2 in terms of performance, display, camera, battery life, Os and updates. Now with these phones coming up, a bang for the buck big daddy is needed… Thank you. Keep posting such remarkable videos. Big fan.

  4. Oh boy I can't wait to hear how this phone performs in general use…

    "The phone is green like kind of grey but green so like my shoes but not really that green here's another green thing next to the green it's not as green as green camo but it's pretty green"

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