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  1. US tech antitrust cases against Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon about introductory coming in with low prices. Stifling or putting competition out of business. Then jacking prices up, like Apple did with apps and iPhones.

    Now you have them all trying too push money. It's a form of mark of the beast. You cant buy, use or sell unless you meant their criteria. Why US tech is on everybody's radar.

    Europeans bleeding them down to marginalization by imposing fines. Americans thru perpetual nonstop lawsuits. Keeping their shady practices always in the public minds.

    It has worked to change public opinion, relations, patronage and for self protection.

  2. I like it. But for $180 USD? Pretty pricey. Can we get one without the locks for cheaper price? I don't plan on locking my messenger bag to a chair at Starbucks.

  3. This bag: “This thing is so theft proof. Can’t be opened, can’t be slashed, can’t be punctured, no easy access to pockets to outsiders.”


  4. I use to use cheap multi-style backpacks then I came across some company called Cocoon Graphite Backpack on Ebay, love the slightly hard front shell with this awesome grid system room enough for my lenovo book, Yi M1 bridge camera and other gadgets…..buuuut I recently ripped it so looking for a new bag, this….this bag looks awesome, has what I need for a bags purpose too

  5. The issue that I had with the Z400 is that it didn't age well. What some would call a patina, I call worn-out looking. My bag looked so bad that I attempted to dye it all black (Although Pacsafe says not to wash it). The result was the interior of the bag took the color but the outer shell remained the same worn out and faded grey color. This is not a knock on the bag or Pacsafe because I own a couple of other of their bags and love them. Rather, buyer be aware…

  6. Unbox therapy, really the best product and technology out there, really great contect, i enjoy watching every video you post, and lew really inspired me to start my own channel, and i've already got started, i would love some support. Peace❤️

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