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  1. The game is how you said it, B level. It's general idea is beautiful, the gear, talents (although a lot of grinding required) are nice, what is weird for me is that I'm supposed to have this emotional connection with a bunch of people I don't know, this mother, this cousin, the black professor guy, all of them. Overall the idea is nice but the execution is flawed. I really liked the gear customization, turning a bunch of random weak looking gear into awesome armor, I like the disguise mechanic and the factions, I like how you have to work for your abilities and that you're not forced to follow one style, I also like how your own personality and choices affect the game. It's refreshing to play this a bit odd but beautiful in its own way game.

  2. Here is the thing. For the price they are selling this is a excellent high value game. I've paid some expensive prices for shit games that completely miss the mark but this one is the best game with features I like. Really encouraging to see especially after biowares recent failures. The only thing keeping me with bioware is DA4 and even thst is doubtful

  3. In all reality, people expect too much from a game without appreciating the gameplay.
    Greedfall is a great game, not just an ok game. I am a fan of all types of game styles hence why I sub to gamefly.
    I rent games for a variety of platforms, test them and if I like them, if they are worth the time and money, I will purchase them.
    Greedfall is one i had rrecently recieved through my rental queue and have purchased.
    Though I haven't experienced any of these bugs and breaks, turn of the luck I guess.

  4. I love the story so far, a couple of hours in, but the combat is a turn off, and the companions say annoying lines all the time in combat as well. The native henchwoman you get is so annoying to listen to, I don’t get why we always have to have a macho female with short hair and terrible accent in all of these games.

  5. I have played it for 30h+ and it really has it's ups and downs but liked it so far, however I did get really frustrated when it turned out I had accidentally locked myself out of all the romance options, because you apparently have to take the one "right" answer in every dialog with them in their personal quests, and without looking up a guide it can be tricky to figure out which ones are the right answers even during the conversation and you try out all the options. So if you want to play out any of the romances in this game, look up a guide first, before you even try talking to your companions, because just one wrong answer locks you out.

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