Altcoins EXPLODE As Bitcoin Stalls – What's Next?

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Altcoins explode today in price while Bitcoin waits for its next lego up. So what’s next?

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  1. Previous altcoin season kicked off with Bitcoin price in USD taking off steam. As a result, the Bitcoin dominance was in decline but the total market value of crypto isn’t in decline or even better on the rise. For me, I keeping close on some alt project like Tael which has active marketing calender – and active showing number of user on their websites,

  2. Cryptocurrency investment is currently one of the best investment practices anyone can engage in. But before you invest in cryptocurrency, always make sure you understand the concept behind it and the benefits you stand to gain. Many people missed the opportunity to hold more bitcoin at its early stage, and even in this 2019 when Bitcoin dropped down to $3200+ so many people didn't take advantage of buying to hold more. It's never late to buy now because if you miss buying now and expecting to buy in the coming year, you will surely be shocked at the price it will be then. As an investor I will outrightly say, hold more Bitcoin, because with that you will be among the major elite of the bitcoin industry. I bought into Bitcoin February 2019 with the advice of a pro trader(Desmond Sydney), and he equally helped me to trading with his accurate signals and also to hold more. Now I am holding some good amount of bitcoin which I never thought I would get. If you are an early adopter or a new investor and you are looking for a way on how to trade and hold more bitcoin, I advice you you to contact him via whatsapp / telegram On +447723506502 for all your cryptocurrency questions, strategy and beginners coaching.

  3. The long awaited bitcoin futures exchange Bakkt is counting down to launch in a couple of days likewise, the accompanying pump in bitcoin price hence an opportunity that cannot be missed. Bakkt will open the door to higher highs in a couple of months and those who have any insights are accumulating as advised by Filb Filb, a popular trader and his counterpart, Robbert Steadman who also happens to be a trade coach and signal provider. Being guided by the news, and assisted by Robbert's trade signals (reachable for assistance on robbertsteadman@gmailcom), I started trading with 2btc which has grown to over 300%. This is a personal success experience I wish would be shared by more in the crypto space as we look forward to holding big bags of bitcoins before it becomes unaccessible to the common man.

  4. XRP is TRASH!!!! Even with todays big altcoin rally, XRP is still trading at the same price range when Bitcoin was trading in the $3,000's area. Right now XRP should be trading north of $2.25. All of the other top altcoins are doing fine especially LTC and Etherium. Bitcoin's current intermediate downtrend is NOT finished and when this temporary altcoin pump is completed……..look out below if BTC closes below the $9,000 area.

  5. Hahahaha I love all the negative comments. This is my favorite thing to see… When all you scrubs think everything is doomed, alts are not making progress, these gains are nothing.. etc etc.. this is when I have been collecting. Get in now because we just had a two month alt consolidation. If you don't see that.. you are blind.. in the next few months we will be testing ytd highs again.

  6. Something going up a couple cents is not exploding! As soon as BTC moves back up these ALTS will all crash. I think it's a suckers rally in alts. I would stay away. Holding my BTC.

  7. Altcoins EXPLODES??? thats a very silly title,after altcoins dumped to their lowest prices in a year and then make a clawback of around 20% you call that explosion???Bitcoin has had the least Decline out of all the coins,so tbh this little clawback doesnt mean anything,look at the overall gains in 6months and a year and Bitcoin more than trumps all the coins still

  8. Alt coins are NOT exploding . They’re down 99%. Until I see widespread 10-15% gains a day across the market for weeks straight none of these 5% Green Day’s will mean anything

  9. The new bitcoin. Giving yall a heads up cause this shit is like a demonoid invite. Download the pi app if it asks who invited you its @Chocoboy cause the stupid app wont open unless you have a referral.

    The team has 5 people already we are at about 4 coins hashing fast.

  10. aleluia….super alt´s …i m very please wed my portofolio at the moment….afffffi just hoppe digibyte goes too 0.02 cents….i go live my life like the btc famelly !!!! just wayt !!!!!!!

  11. Coinbase using xrp for remittance and becoming a partner is why Xrp took so long to get listed.. conflict of interest in a somewhat complicated setup with this new space..

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