Vive Cosmos Setup, Unboxing & First Impressions

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I show you how to setup the Vive Cosmos. I also show you what comes in the Vive Cosmos box with a brief unboxing and some tips and tricks I’ve learnt with this …


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  1. I'm giving this one a yikes. Not only does it track worse than my Rift S, it tracks worse than my Asus WMR headset also! Damn, that's a shame, I was hoping this would be good! Maybe they can fix it with firmware, like Oculus did.

  2. Vive fans: waits 3 years
    HTC: Can you please take out our garbage

    P.S. Thanks for the hosenty Mike. I'm personally waiting for my Oculus Quest

  3. You probably should take a page from Cas Are & Chary and put some sticky notes on you green screen so the cameras have something to help track. Also play with the lights so it's not too bright or too dim.

    This is the only review I've seen with such extensive tracking issue.

  4. They tried to copy the Rift S and missed the mark totally. Surprised they didn’t update the Fresnel lenses with all their other dramatic changes. Guess this is the result of HTC minus Valve’s love ;). Great vlog as always, Mike!

  5. I really love your honest review. I have the original Vive but it's broken last month @_@ and now I'm confuse with which one to buy, Rift S, Cosmos, or even the original Vive…

    What do you recommend in terms of overall quality (visual quality, tracking, games, etc), Cosmos, Rift S, or the original Vive? I dont have the budget for the Vive Pro or any other headset above $800 price tag

    After watching/reading several review on the Rift S and now the Cosmos, I think the inside out tracking is not anywhere near the full room tracking. I am thinking to repurchase the original Vive again just pure because of the room tracking. But now, I'm still pretty confuse @_@

    I hope you could give me some thought 🙂 Thanks

  6. I guess HTC hollowed the exterior shells to reduce the weight, but in some parts of the world where things can get covered in dust, I cannot even imagine how dirty the inside is gonna be……

  7. I find this really sad, I was expecting a upgrade from the Rift S. It has the lacking features of the headset. Maybe when the outside tracking face plate is on sale, it will be a upgraded original vive.

  8. I'm trying to decide what my first VR headset should be, but I can't make up my mind. I originally decided on the Quest as I don't have a PC, but the lack of games, Steam VR, and modding capability made me reconsider. What would you reccomend?

  9. This is why I enjoy your channel… they sent you a headset… you're honest about its flaws. I'm thinking of taking the leap to PC VR with the Quest link cable. I'm an all Mac household, so have no idea what to get. Maybe a video on that would be useful for people like me? Like what graphics card is good, what PC is good? That type of thing? I'm hoping to eventually get a PC tower that will plug into my Mac monitor. I'm surprised the controllers don't clunk into one another give the hefty looking size. Thanks as always for the honesty Mike.

  10. If they use the same lenses as OG Vive, then the Samsung Gear lens swap might be possible here as well.

    Looks like I'll be waiting to see how the lighthouse tracking works once that module is released before I even consider one of these.

  11. Preordered the cosmos, Could not get the index in Australia because some distribution issues, I have lighthouses so this is the only solution for me as I would like to use lighthouses the only reason why I purchased a cosmos was because of the new upcoming faceplate and wireless add on so im stuck with bad tracking I guess untill the new faceplate is or they fix the software as the tracking is just poor software and controller battery life may be improved this way too.

  12. I bought an oculus rift cv1 brand new off ebay for 220$ and its amazibg for anyone on a budget if you can find a deal on an original oculus its great and you wont regret it one bit

  13. Mike nice review here is my take. It is with regret that the Cosmos is not worth it I cant get my glasses in when I lift the visor and put it back down they get caught and then when I but it down I need to fidget with it for the sweet spot also I cant just clance to the side to read gauges clearly I need to move my whole head. In a flight sim Like DCS I lose the advantage as it take bit to get it set right. The FOV and clarity alone are not of a difference to make it my choice over the S I will be returning it and can only hope that the Index will soon be made available in Canada

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