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  1. Ok. Listen Linda.

    I’ll start with this. First of all, EVERY TIME a AAA title goes live, there’s always a handful of youtubers that rip the game apart saying it’s trash for the following reasons. Nothing new. Breakpoint does have its share of launch issues, that goes without saying. But what game doesn’t? That’s why the most patches for games come out in the first 60 days. Wildlands had a lot of the same issues initially, but they all got addressed. I’ve got almost 100 hours put into breakpoint so far and I’ve been deeply enjoying it.

    Now. Gamingbolt is not the first YouTube channel to rip breakpoint since launch. They are also not complaining about anything different that the other YouTube channels are complaining about when it comes to Breakpoint. So maybe voice your own ideas rather than regurgitate what the other YouTube reviews are complaining about?

    Second, let’s address the monetization that everyone is complaining about. Ubisoft is getting attacked with Breakpoint about how much is in the store and how it’s pay to win and the amount of micro-transactions. Here’s the thing, Wildlands at launch HAD THE EXACT SAME STORE with THE EXACT SAME ITEMS available for purchase. And NO ONE complained. No one. So why all of a sudden are people not ok with it? Plus, I can’t think of one Ubisoft title in the last 8 years that DIDNT have micro-transactions. Plus, if y’all think Breakpoint is guilty of monetization, look at Red Dead Online and Grand Theft Auto. As far monetization goes, those two games online stores make Breakpoint look like nothing by comparison.

    Coming from someone who has almost 100 hours logged into the game already, I’ll say that Breakpoint is by NO MEANS a play to win game. No way. There is nothing you can buy in that store that gives any in-game edge in the slightest, tactically or otherwise. What weapon you have has next to no impact on you being able to complete a mission, that’s all up to the player. And since all that’s available to buy in the store are weapon blueprints/attachments, cosmetic items and camo shaders for weapons and gear, I don’t see how any of that helps you win or helps you get a well placed headshot separating you from being detected or remaining in stealth.

    I wish YouTube channels would either stop complaining or go to school and get a degree then go get a job with Ubisoft and do something about it.

    And for the record, whoever the player is who’s gameplay is being showcased in this video, his/her aim is ABSOLUTE trash. Like wow. It makes my point. There is NOTHING you can buy in Breakpoint that’s going to fix that aim. No way. The player just needs to learn how to aim.

    Thank you for your time.

  2. I've played Ghost Recon Breakpoint. There are issues but I still love playing that game. I've watched other reviews with their negative criticisms but with valid points that I can agree with but this guy DOESN'T MAKE ANY FREAKING SENSE!!! AND WTF IS WITH THAT GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE??!!

  3. Lol this guy review is trash honestly like your gameplay that your showing is even bad you miss half you clip before you even hit how about you try game on hard take off aim assist & then try again lord yeah game has issues but it’s actually fun to play & im guessing this never play Division 1 or 2 like who cares fingerless Gloves give more defensive like your really crying about this ? your a clown bro honestly you should be caring about Gear till your ready to raid or 170+ in Gear score but thinking about Gear important 170+ under is stupid & you must be playing on easy because my AI don’t rush all one way they spread out & flank clearly not even playing the game how suppose so again before make a review play it how it suppose too not like a little girl not a fan boy I’m Gears head but Gears5 is trash right now so need something to spend my time & I rather play this over Gears & lastly upgrade your XboxOneX and maybe your graphics won’t look like trash because mine doesn’t

  4. pretty much to say its kinda hard to meet people's expectation in 2019. the game itself needs some improvements but its still a good game overall

  5. And you can wear whatever you want you can wear a helmet but have a high level beanie on but you can choose to wear a helmet it’s cosmetic

  6. Almost every review for GRBP says it’s garbage. I’m sorry, I must be playing a different game than you. This game is amazing. The environment is stunning, the player to world dynamics are awesome, and the story is pretty awesome. Is the dialogue cringy? Yea, so is the case for MANY AAA titles. Is the AI dumb? At lower difficulties, yea. Bump it up and see if there is a run and gun mentality still lurking after the 15th time you’ve died. Micro transactions? That’s what people bitch over? The last game you must have played was GoldenEye on N64. Let me get you in on a little secret. EVERY ONLINE GAME RIGHT NOW HAS TONS OF MICRO TRANSACTIONS. I personally happen to like these because I know exactly what I am getting, instead of throwing my hard earned cash into the proverbial slot machine and praying to RNGesus to give me what I want. I guess my biggest question is, what were you expecting from Breakpoint to be able to give it 10/10? Maybe the problem here is you’re expectations rather than, as far as I and a great many others ore concerned, this awesome sandbox RPG.

  7. division 2 & far cry 5 smashed together. Man, how i miss Ghost recon 2 gameplay. i dont know what happened with ubisoft in this decade so its making games for brainless ppl. Far cry 3/4 > one and the same thing(but still ok i guess), Far cry 5/6 > total shit, Division 2 > huuuuge disappointment in everything (got bored after 1 week), assassins creed origins & black flag = Odyssey and so on. After Breakpoint i decided to stop buying games from ubisoft. When something interesting pops up, ill rent it in uplay+. I should know better now, after Division 1 fiasco, that Ubi isnt getting better anytime soon. Never mind "dmg is done" nothing i do about it now, lets get that uplay+ rdy 😀

  8. I have to say that wildlands is a much better game all around for the movie seen to the game play… I even miss have Your AI teammates that don't help for nothing lol. But that game had a real location and it felt authentic… Wildlands handsdown

  9. Complete and utter trash is what this game is. Complete waste of money. And like an idiot I bought it. Well I got screwed into buying it.

  10. I understand the game isn't perfect at all but man, gamers are picky as hell! I was playing this game last night with 2 of my friends and it was really fun. The story is shit and probably playing it alone would be a boring experience but if you have friends to play it with I assure you that you'll have a good time.

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