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  1. When Africans own the company, people complain the parts are made in China, when the parts are made in Africa people complain about who owns the company. How many British owned and manufactured cell phone brands do you know???

  2. The hard work of Rwandan people and the leadership of your country for fighting corruption your city Kigali is the cleanest and beautiest in the whole of the continent and know leading telecommunication manufacturing smart phones congratulations your brother's Somalia i am deeply happy for your achievements

  3. Rwanda waaw the next African power house congratulations on behalf of the Somalian people thanks to our smart people of Rwanda keep moving forward thanks to your leadership his excellence mr kagame

  4. Look to me like Arabs or Indians companies using Africans as labor to make phones in Africa. Mara Phone is not an African or a Rwandan company….. The concept sounds great as a start… but this needs to be a totally African country building phones, period..

  5. This how it starts. You get investors to bring the business. Soon after they will note the parts are cheaper to make in Africa and the manufacturing will also come to Africa. It's a process.

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