Who ACTUALLY Created Bitcoin

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It’s one of the enduring mysteries of modern times, a riddle for the digital age, who created the cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin? After its release in 2009 hardly anyone had heard of it, and when people started to hear the word Bitcoin not many of them gave it a second’s thought.

Now millions of folks use it and some have made a virtual fortune from selling it. We guess you’ve all heard the story of Laszlo Hanyecz, who paid for two large Papa John’s pizzas for 10,000 bitcoins in 2010, worth then a measly $30. If that guy would have held on to them he could have made at one point as much as $100,000,000. Recently he said, “I don’t regret it. I think that it’s great that I got to be part of the early history of Bitcoin.” The question is, though, who did this history begin with?

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  1. Satoshi Nakamoto is a perfect cover to plant the idea of Crypto and Blockchain to the masses, if you guys still think that the most powerful entities are not behind this, think again. If the world is involved, there is no such thing as coincidence. 2008 crisis, inception of BTC and blockchain tech, governments pushing for a digital economy, regulations, adoption, and more to come…. it's all according to their plan and BTC is just their "Beta Test Coin".

  2. MY TIP TO PEOPLE THAT DON'T KNOW BUT NEEDS TO KNOW..I got into crypto currency last year. I wanted to find a platform to buy bitcoin so I joined Robinhood. I was only able to invest $150. And after learning about crypto more. I realized when you buy bitcoin or any crypto on robinhood you DO NOT OWN YOUR BITCOIN OR CRYPTO. So don't ever buy crypto currency on Robinhood. You must be able to move your crypto anywhere you like so you must have a digital wallet. And for anyone who would like to donate some Satoshi, my BTC wallet 3Pfzxng6kMwwypKJR4bC87NfUUuHefiiig

  3. Satoshi is Julian Assange and his old cryptography contacts. Anybody who doubts this still is living in a bubble. The man was pushing cryptography as a way of non violent protest he will never be a free man again in opinion.

  4. I know I know
    It was a team of hackers. They would know because like blockchain they all had a bit of information. So know one knows for sure. And I Concepcion both blockchain and bitcoins. But know has the complete ball. My family member is a wright.

  5. sheesh sometimes it's in there but because people trust investigators that they will say the "truth" everyone's thinking the same freaking way.

  6. NSA……David Schwartz CTO of Ripple was a consultant to NSA for 10 years. He submitted the first patent of cryptograph currency in August 1988.

  7. The creator of bitcoin has challenged the most powerful organization in the world, the federal reserve. Either he finds a way to disappear or the they find a way.

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