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  1. i dont get why cops even bother trying to chase street racers. The racers car most likely has 600+ horsepower. you aint gonna catch that! so just terminate the pursuit and continue your patrol officer.

  2. Not defending the dude who drove at the police car, but firing so many shots at them??
    Get back in and chase them. You have more tools in the arsenal than your firearm. Bullets are for pussies in car chases.

  3. Yall out here saying fuck that cop at 1:15 yet it was clear that the police officer knew what he was doing. And let me ask you this, you are in the EXACT same situation, what are you fuckers going to do reach for ur taser like you always bring up. No I'm gonna fucking nail that fucking with my gun. He was inches from dying. That's is assualt/attempted assault with a dangerous weapon

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