Bitcoin + IRS, SEC Bitcoin ETF, Binance In China, Ethereum Use Case & Bitcoin Price Rise

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  1. About to get a second job so I can keep stacking up crypto. Want to work 50-60 hours a week for the next year or two so I don't have to ever again.

  2. That’s funny as I listen to this. I’m reading Ali Pay & Wechat said no bueno lol. Things change at the speed of light in this space. That’s why the rules from the IRS are so stupid & funny

  3. If you get an airdrop that you didn’t know about or want… how can that be taxed if someone didn’t want/participate for the airdrop???

    It’s crazy still…

    More clarity and fair treatment needs to still be done here for the taxation.

  4. I have spent the last 4 months working on a complete transaction record from when I started buying in May of 2017, including every buy, trade, sell, spend, send, air drop, transfer, mining income, dividend income, deposit, etc. For BTC, I have it 99% accurate out to 8 decimals. For ETH, I have it 90% accurate out to 18 decimals. I'm working with my tax adviser to revise my taxes for 2017 and 2018 to show this accuracy to the IRS. If they want MORE information than that, they can dig into the blockchain directly.

    Welcome to America, where you have to do math!!!

  5. Fuck the IRS. They’re mafia racketeering thieves that extort everyone they come in contact with. May they all suffer brutal heart attacks for their transgressions against humanity.

  6. How would the irs regulation affect the supposed XRP loans that are supposed to be non taxible? If they're non taxable, then I would never have to cash out my XRP

  7. As long as Ripple keeps selling XRP the price will forever stay low. Debating whether or not I should trade xrp for other alts but I just love what Ripple has going! But damn stop selling so many fucking coins!

  8. its funny how us policy comes like a boomerang back and hits us from behind. Supported mujahedin and formed we know what happend after that, meddled around ukraine (and thats only a few examples out of pile of crap), now pushing against btc… well hope the normal us ppl get out of there before is too late.

  9. It’s very very simple when it come to taxes and crypto. If you’re invested in a coin that happens to 100x in price and you make in excess of 100 mil dollars…. sell……withdraw as much as you can if not all of it…..quickly move to a country with no extradition….spend wisely….

    There’s many flaws in this strategy…..this is not financial advice nor am I a financial advisor. But because of the way the Us government treat the money that WE make, it results in us making crazy and irrational decisions to protect our earnings. STUPID GOVERNMENT THIEVES ???

  10. So if you report losses on your crypto,will the IRS give you money back?..hell no…ill be moving for sure…by sail boat….catch me if you can….LOL LOL.what a joke they are

  11. Etherium summary…ITS GOING NOWHERE…its platform will always be used and I am sure that these update delays have a reason its happening. Its a Defi platform and many defi products will be built on it as a layer. Buy it now..

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