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  1. The problem is still that Japan is conservative business wise and Nintendo is ultra conservative in that dept. I would love Nintendo to make Smash bigger, but I'm still waiting with GGPO now free will Japanese fighting game developers still refuse to use a better online service due to their own desire to own and monetize a private build.

  2. It sucks since zero quit because of his 56 streak tournament win, he only got 45,000 dolalrs from that streak. I think he would still be playing in tournaments if the prize pool would be higher

  3. It pains me so much.. I'll never understand why a game as sick as ultimate is.. with as many characters as it has.. gets little to no monetary support… Fortnite has 10 million dollar tournaments, but I just don't see that being nearly as interesting as a fighting game as big as this one… ://

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