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  1. Now that's what I'm talking about!!! Why let Hollywood mess around with your baby, take care of it yourself and keep it true to the game! I really hope this is beyond spectacular and a huge success!

  2. NEVER played LoL and only know Jinx from the fan art. This is probably going to be my first proper dive into your world, fellas! At least until the fighting game comes out… Anything I should be hyped about in particular? No spoilers though!

  3. They called it Arcane and stealed Arkane studio's art style from dishonored. LOL. I hate when artists and studios copypast dishonored art style. It's basically everywhere.

  4. Riot games is making money from different ways, this might work because by selling games also are selling animated shows they could double down and compete with AAA in the in the future, cool

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