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  1. This is a great format and wonderful way to teach fills! …maybe write on tape so you don't have to go through a new head each time though ? Thank you for this! (Insert finger guns here)

  2. What an awesome video! Please please please so more. I have a specific request actually. Could you please put a video tutorial of the fill at 3:11 of your backstreet boys cover!?

  3. That was freaking amazing man! I already like your VR drum videos, but I really love this one, there's an added layer of interaction that I had fun with.
    Thank you!

  4. COBUS IS THE MANNN! I’ve taken all of Cobus’ advice, jumped out of my comfort zone and now I’m on target to produce YouTube videos every week! I’ve even created a YouTube channel to follow my progress. I just uploaded a video today! I would love some support/feedback to please hit the subscribe and check it out! Later!

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