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  1. How do you do it ?! How do you create such a video? !!! With which program? Please, please teach me! I really need to know how to do it! I dream to create such videos for myself! Please teach!

    Вот жадные на информацию, а!
    Чтож жадные такие??!??!?

  2. Il have a message for everyone !!!??? Is someone who can tell me if it's possible to play GTA5 in 360 VR with our PLAYSTATION 4 !? Is it possible to play GTA5 !? To TRANSFORM GTA5 PS4 from 2D (normal 3D of PS4) to a 3D (STEREOSCOPIC 3D) to have the REAL FEELING that we arent AT LOS SANTOS with our PSVR headset !? Please help me !!! Please ! Il whant to know if it's it possible !????

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