Why I'm NOT Bearish on Bitcoin … Yet

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  1. Thanks for the video! But understand that the future is not for Bitcoin … Buterin next year plans to transfer ethereum to paramining. And there are already PRIZM(PZM).. Blockchain and paramining .. Decentralization … What else is needed? Excellent passive income

  2. Yes, bullrun will start end of this year, begining of 2020 until March 2020 where it will reach the first ATH of 2020. After that it will go on a downward trend for 6 months or so before the major bull run that will take us beyond $100k in Aug/Sep 2021. We will be celebrating the halving on a bearish trend.

  3. Hello Kevin its me again my friend. A big Crypto YouTuber posts today a video about bakkt. He shares the opinion that bakkt is build by FBI and othe gov. Structures. bakkt‘s mission is to destroy bitcoin.. what is your opinion my friend? Thank you very much

  4. I came to this market about 2,5 month ago, and i am down a bit. I now started getting bearish and annoyed about the market situation. Then yesterday i watched all your videos from 5months ago to this day. And i got my confidence back! You really have to look things from a bigger perspective! Thank you!

  5. sentiment is bad now, but the rate is at $ 9,000, 2 years ago nobody could have imagined this. HODL is the key to success

  6. Bitcoin is likely to drop much but will still shoot up in a bearish run. I keep getting consistent profits trading crypto because I work with a good strategy and an expert trader. You should try something real

  7. Yes, well …. if you draw the "downward sloping resistence" just below the latest wicks, of course btc is above it. But if you draw the resistence line from the top wick of June touching all following wicks, then we are below. Even worst if you draw from candle bodies.

  8. Note that the downward trend line from the June 26th top through the August 6th top acts as both support AND resistance on the current consolidation pattern between Oct 26 to Nov 11th, if you flip between log chart and regular chart scale. Use the "Ray" charting line rather than the regular "Trend line" (on Tradingview) to make it easier to flip between log/regular chart scale. Some traders prefer the log chart, other use the regular scale.

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