The BEST GPS Drone You Can Buy for Under $100 -The Visuo XS812

This is the BEST GPS drone out there for under $100. It is super stable and has some excellent flight modes. Check it out.

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  1. Did you learn how to use a microphone yet?

    You're always too far away from it which makes your video's quiet.

    Please, fix it.

  2. You have so many drones :') many people want a drone but cant afford to buy one.. Nice Video but on the other side I feel bad because I dont have a drone.. even the cheapest drone i cant afford it.. We only fly kites in our country..

  3. Hey guys. There seems to be multiple variants of this drone. Like the Visuo xs812 gwk, or there’s the gwg, lwg, lwk etc etc. Does anyone know what the difference between these variants are?

  4. Thanks for including the info on the camera and the photo and video details! I'm wanting to get a drone to take photos of houses for work, and most reviews just show a drone flying for 8 minutes, laff. This was very helpful!

  5. You are the second person that has said they did not understand what orbit was doing and did not believe it worked very well. You need to understand how to use it. It is actually quite a good idea. When you press the orbit button, the drone records the GPS location at its current position and that becomes the center of the orbit. It will then turn and move away from that location until it reaches a distance set in the settings portion of the app, stop, and then turn towards the location set as center. At this point, you move the right stick either right or left to tell it which direction to orbit. You can then move the stick to increase speed, decrease speed, or change direction of the orbit. You can also increase or decrease altitude and distance from center while in orbit. This is not the same as "circle me" or "points of interest" that other drones sometimes have. Check it out. It works really well and keeps you in control.

  6. In reply to your confusion regarding orbit mode, if you place it over the object or person you want to orbit and press the button, the drone will turn and fly away from the point of interest, it will then turn back to face the object, at this point you should push the right stick left or right to make it orbit in that direction, you can also increase the speed of orbit, or the distance between the object and drone and increase or decrease the altitude, hope this will help you, as I feel that without knowing these things, like the sd card position on your first video it gives a worse impression of the drone than is actually the case.

  7. Hello I just subscribe to your channel gave you the thumbs-up I also hit the bell and shared your video and my messages please support my channel give me the thumbs-up And subscribe you doing a great job thank you for your support to

  8. Thanks Half chrome you did a stellar review on this drone you covered everything and more so my verdict is out with this drone.
    Sorry I am bit of a brushless motor snob. To me They should stop wasting
    Precious metals building brushed motors. They are noisy extremely loud
    Under powered and god awfully notoriously bad in terms of reliability brushed motors are known to fail
    Mid flight so I know to put as much
    'Room between me and any brushed

  9. It inexpensive (relatively) because they cut every possible corner like using POS motors that have brushes. That's what China does… make cheap shit. Don't waste the money and DO NOT LISTEN to anonymous morons like (chrome dome) using youtube to beg. This guy would sell faulty dildos to his mother and grandmother if they were stupid enough to listen to him anymore, they aren't after his Amway fiasco. He was going to be Rich!!!! Not.

  10. Lost me at brushed motors, hate them, they fail quickly and that less than a $100 dollor drone soon sux the cash right out of your wallet!

  11. Nice review, and not bad for something under $100, but I would definitely recommend the Yuneec Breeze that can be purchased for $150. Sometimes it's much better to spend just a little more to get something MUCH BETTER.

  12. Directions? EVERY drone I have looked at had their manuals written by the same group of Chinese 'linguists' that wrote the instruction manuals in the 60s. Some lines are absolutely indecipherable. IS this part of Trump's Trade War with Xi?

  13. I am between this and telo. I dont care that much for video but for photos. I like the way it looks and it seems to be good for beginner, but im afraid that if the camera sucks i will soon get bored to it….

  14. Hi. The 5mp camera is much better quality than the one you have shown it records +1080 25fps @20 mbs . by the way I have had mine 250 metres with no loss of wifi.

  15. Don’t like the brushed motors. They will inevitably fail and your GPS drone will fall to its death from great height or distance. There now are brushless choices under $149.99. ie. mjx b2w

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