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  1. it has become so easy for me to choose phones now. note 9 was amazing last year, iphone 11 models were amazing this year. its so easy that the race have become boring.
    in the words of mkbhd, cheap phones are getting good. you should make a video on non-flagship phones using a new scale to judge non-flagship phones. holding non-flagship phones to the standard of flagship phones is what drives so many to spend unnecessary amount of money on the flagship, which they also have to pay long term. non-flagship phones are quite good, not garbage and doa as so many of the reviewers and sites say. non-flagship phones are really what is affordable for majority of population if financing didn't exist. people financed furniture before, and they are financing phones now. we have reached the point where phones are our luxury and daily drivers. these flagship phones are really for the 5% of the population. a non-flagship phone competition in the future is what satisfies the luxury and plays the role of a daily driver. but people will keep slamming non-flagships rather than encouraging it to become better. this is an exciting world to talk about over flagships, imo

  2. iPhone 11 is also a good choice
    You get the a very good camera
    Smooth performance as iPhone 11 pro max
    Good battery life
    And with ios you will get updates for 4-5 years
    But in Samsung, Huawei and other android phones except pixel you'll get updates just for 2 years

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