Divergence Provide EARLY NOTICE Bitcoin Bears Are Losing PUNCH?

Short time frame RSI and MACD show bullish divergence, supported by OBV (Lazybear) bullish divergence in the changing volume patterns. However Ichimoku Cloud does not agree but remains bearish. Bitcoin Dominance is in a top formation and the Altcoin Bull Market Watch reveals a clear direction in the Binance traded coins and tokens!

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  2. I like what you are doing here. Im learning some new things, engraining some old ideas in my mind as well. No matter what the markets do we can learn.
    I like looking at precious metals/other stores of value and comparing them. LOT of similarities!

  3. Great recap on BTC. I'm more inclined to Alts right now. Have some BTC buys above the market incase though. Let's hope the light sabre move picks them up tho !

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