Top 7 BEST Smartphones You NEVER Knew Existed! (2019)

Cubot X20 Pro: * Xiaomi Mi 9T: * Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro: * Samsung …


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  1. Why do we pay so much for flagship phones when these other models exist? Probably because they go completely under the radar and the lack of flagship brand. I’m as guilty as anyone by the way.

  2. Thanks for sharing

    It feels good

    I see you are not jumping in to water anymore In the winter months anymore ? ? great video as always keep them coming bro

  3. its stupid to say you never knew existed. for example mi9t is maybe the best mid range that everryone knows. It makes so much buzz with that value. Maybe the most people didnt know only for Cubot X20.

  4. @ASBYT…Thx for showing what is available in the mid to lower range phones ?. I am surprised Samsung decide to go with an LCD screen? on the A60 but understandable. Great video as always ?. Kudos from NYC ?

  5. Omg I've waited quite long for you to play with words. And then it hit me at 12:40 ?? thank you I always enjoy your word play ahaha. Great vidz! Also that vivo v15 pro doe ?

  6. The Umidigi F2 will fit nicely in this list. I ordered one as a backup and it's almost ready to ship. It also has something like 33 LTE bands so it will work in most countries.

  7. I really feel bad for mi a3. It's around 13,000 inr, which is less than 200 usd. For that, it's bang for the buck. The battery is good, the software is amazing due to android one. The cameras are really good. And the screen isn't bad. At that price point, you get fhd+ displays with an ips panel. Mi changed it to hd+ with amoled. I've handled the phone myself, and the display is really good, if not the best for the price. It's not gonna disappoint you in any way. I think it's worth giving a shot especially if you want good software and cameras bht you're tight on budget…

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