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  1. Awesome content.

    Please explain supply and demand – If exchanges trade assets, and bids can only me met by asks (trade), how does one buy new bitcoin?

    When bitcoin is mined, is it rewarded personally to the miners and the rest is made available on the market?

    I'm having a tough time understanding price fluctuations when exchanges are simply trading.

    What's the effect of moving coins from exchange to wallets etc?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Bitcoin attention is growing exponentially on the media all over the world, but despite that the price is going down and down. The big shots make the price, not the Joes and Janes.

  3. I dont agree that bitcoin searches and attention matters on price. The price goes up and down for a few (perhaps a dozen? two dozens?) whales, not for the retails.

  4. But the interest for the halving is generally higher now than it was, so it’s been getting more attention lately as a whole than where it just spiked to 100 in 2016 because it was trending fast, now it’s more general knowledge and it’ll probably go to 100 again in May

  5. Yeah it's cool to buy some bitcoin low I will only get more if it gets under 5k . Also it's a new coin I have been looking @ called TBC2 coin cause I hate I missed bitcoin ico . Just research it first seems like a game changer ?

  6. I love watching turd munchers promote bitcoin. Bitcoin is trending on google at 9%. Down from 100% at its highest level in Dec 2018! After the halving, Bitcoin will collapse to zero! It is clear, Sunny Decre has downs!

  7. Please give some credit to the channel 'Crypto Currently', he posted the same topic with almost the same title 2 hours earlier then you. Thanks.

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  9. Bitcoin gonna drop below $8000 within the next couple of month we're still in a bear market don't be fooled by the manipulators whose cashing in off people subscribing to their subscriptions and watching their manipulated videos

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