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  2. I say FUCK FUTURES!!! Their all run by a bunch of "naked-shorting" MOTHERFUCKER'S called the New York Fed!!! They're the reason why after 10 years I sold all my Gold & Silver and went balls deep BTC and ETH! Those cockbites can go fuck themselves with a big golden uncircumcised DILDO! Oy Vey! ?
    On another note… Crypto Lark looks sexy AF! ?

  3. You guys are neeeeeeeeevvvvver right so just shut fuck up and stop acting like you can make predictions. You have literally been wrong more than 10 times in a row.

  4. Moon boy alert guys! – ‘We hope bitcoin doesn’t got to £1m in the next bubble, then we’d be at £200k after that for 8 years which would be really bad. 350k in the next bubble is better’ ?

  5. I feel that everbody is waiting for btc to drop to buy more, so it is a healthy situation, but I believe most of people missed the trade when the time comes. So I am dollar cost averaging for about 1,5 years. I buy each day few amounts, trade fee is low, but I also accumulate altcoins too. I think btc domination will fall sub 50 %. This is also a reason why btc moves sideways.

  6. Bulltard Chris wakes up and eats hashgraphs for breakfast followed buy a glass of carl topping it off with a line of gear, mdma and balloons of hopium…..

    "Chris we are likely you hit 4k"

    "Davinchi thank you for confirming we are heading to the moon"

  7. Something thing to keep in mind: Chico Crypto is a controversial person with sometimes bashing on other legit YouTubers. He does have a gift to find flashy news and a way with presentation but some of his content is a bit scetchy. I would put too much weight on some of his work

  8. Davinci absolutely nailed that trade btw !!!!!!!!!! now we are retracing back down . you gotta be on your game with trading , not easy

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