School district uses virtual reality to show students what bullying feels like

In our School Matters series, we’re highlighting a problem plaguing many schools around the country: bullying. Students in one New Jersey school district are …


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  1. I was bullied is elementary school by pretty much everyone. One day I had enough and choked out the main bully in front of everyone. All the rest of the bullying immediately ended.

  2. I love this idea! When you get a taste of how it feels, you're less likely to do it to others…which is why a lot of adults need this, too. I was bullied all through middle school and this technology might have stopped or minimized it.

  3. That bullied kid is and is gonna be so handsome when he grow up. I'm sure these experiences will mame him stronger. Stay strong young man!

  4. Is this bad writing because of a producer not doing their job? Kids don't need to watch a video to understand bullying. They can just go to school.

  5. This Technology Must Be Destroyed! Do you Buffoons not understand, Bullies create Depression, Depression requires Meds and Therapy, Therapy means Jobs and Meds increase Stock Value, These elements are vital in a robust economy. If this technology is to remain, it must be regulated as a 'Medical Service' and require a doctor's prescription. This is America if you want help, YOU PAY FOR IT!

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