My Top Three Indicators For A Bitcoin Reversal

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What are your thoughts on what we discussed? What indicators will you watch to spot a bullish reversal? Feel free to leave a comment below! Thank you all so much for watching the video. If you enjoyed the video, please consider dropping a like, subscribing, and ringing the bell icon.

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  1. With bitcoin, where there is potentially a drop as experienced lately, it should be seen as a potential to buy. The current correction in reality is long overdue and should be seen as a thing of joy as the dump is very temporary and also provides a unique time to grow your portfolio. As far as this current dump is concerned, thanks to you and Caleb Easterby, I have always known trading with the right system was rewarding but I never imagined it would be this good. I will buy a few more bitcoins maybe about 5 and see what gets me through trading in the next 2 weeks, one thing is for sure, I can only be happier with Caleb's strategy. I highly recommend Caleb's signal to you reading this now, he can be reached by WhatsApp (+31 635250332) or Telegram (@Easterby) for all crypto related inquiries.

  2. Hey man.. For whatever reason i really trust what you are talking about on your channel.. Lol i was very lost when you were gone.. Haha anyway the first coin that brought me to youtube to learn about crypto was the doge coin.. Ive been putting some money into it and it has been giving me some money back.. I didnt really hear much about doge at all but just yesterday i did hear about crypto atms and doge has those.. Huh.. Anyway idk what to think about doge much

  3. Nicholas, If you get an opportunity this week, could you touch on the HEX events coming up soon, so that we may have more of a layman prospective of what seems to be a rather complicated event.

  4. Hey Nicholas, have you looked into Singularitynet AGI? The profit potential in my opinion is massive. The man behind the project was on Joe Rogan show, London Real & he also created the Sophia robot. They also have a fair few partnerships including Cisco, Domino's & Paypal. I don't think many people know how good this project is. I did see you in a chat with Ben recently.

  5. Hey Datadash – I'm a regular follower, and while I like your videos, I have a hard time following what you are saying. Do you have any good advice or links you can share to understand/learn the basics of what you are talking about, like trends, indicators, day averages, etc.
    Thanks and keep up great work.

  6. Thats cool you brought up the stock to flow btc model Nick. We need the constant reminders and your practical positive btc stance. Your rambling is cool??

  7. Great to see you back Nick. I can't wait to see the content that was put out from your trip to Singapore! I wanted to ask you what your thoughts were in regards to Bitcoin and dominance. For someone who has an alt allocation that is lock and loaded, I'm going to be averaging into Bitcoin while it's under 10k. IF we do see some of these alts pop off, would it be wise to take profits into Bitcoin before we pass ATH or is it ideal to wait until we pass ATH and start to really multiply returns. I know it's a touchy subject, but any perspective is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  8. The manipulation of BTC price is becoming so obvious these days. For a couple of weeks all the news articles bleat on about so-called 'corrections' then boom it happens right on cue, also the handful of players that continually mess with its price to make a fast buck are a real threat to Bitcoin, not Governments. That being said, the market is still all about BTC at the moment and I'll advise current investors and newbies to take advantage of Glen Morley's program, a pro trader who runs a training program for investors / newbies who lack understanding on how trading Bitcoin works, with his strategy and daily signals i was able to accumulate 1.5btc to 6btc in just 5 weeks. I would encourage others to find a competent trader like him and copy trades for maximum profitability. Glen can be reached through his Whatspp: + 19092833663 and Telgram @ Gmorley for further assistance.

  9. Would you mind being more specific and keeping us updated with those coins that you averaged in on and are now up? I don’t know if you’ve mentioned it in other videos but using the Telegram alert group would be great

  10. 1 night of repo action = Entirety of BTC market cap.

    Stablecoins are securities….
    Stablecoins are dangerous because of potential fractional reserve…

    Damn…….clear case of projection we got here folks.

  11. One of your best videos iv'e seen. some really good different looks of charts and an overall well rounded level headed outlook.

    thank you datadash

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