It's My Favorite Smartphone Accessory (Seriously)

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Mophie Juice Pack Case (USA Link) – Mophie Juice Pack Case (International) – Mophie Charge Force Case …


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  1. Mophie has not paid me for this video, I'm simply a fan of these products. They make these battery cases for other smartphones as well including the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. You can find most of them through the following links –

    Mophie Juice Pack Case (USA Link) –
    Mophie Juice Pack Case (International) –

    Mophie Charge Force Case (USA Link) –
    Mophie Charge Force Case (International) –

  2. I have an iPhone user but I have battery cases for all of my iPhones including the four which I recently purchased and it's a Mofy battery case and it works great

  3. 0:37 well kids, in the days of yore there used to be these magical gadgets called replaceable Li-ion batteries that costed around ~$20 where you could just go from 0% to 100% in a few seconds, but then some evil greedy geniuses decided to convince a bunch of dumb asses that phones had to look cool and be water proof bc you know, u gotta look cool on pool parties and shit, so know we're left with these overpriced and unnecessary accessories that no one asked for.
    Go figure 🙄

  4. These were my favorite cases back in the day when the S5 lemon case was a thing. The built in speaker box moving the audio front facing was amazing as well and on the older ones it actually added some volume and low end to the speakers. I tried one on my s9 plus and sadly was super disappointed. Doing anything but idling with screen off drains the pack within an hour and never makes actual charge progress, it just keeps the battery from draining. Also began having an issue where plugging in the usbc fast charge was not even allowing the phone to charge, the dual charge action I think messed with it but I never had that issue before. I'm going back to my otterbox defender sadly but these were my favorite for a longgg time. All great features.

  5. Phones need to be durable and have lots of battery power. That's why we want them super thin and made of glass. Take a solid glass thousand-dollar phone and put it in a $10 case plastic and cheap. Phone makers love this idea that way 90% of the phones wind up getting broke.

  6. Paltry capacity for such a chunky case – from about 60% phone charge this case (fully charged) charged my phone to 94% before it was empty. BUT the big problem with this case is that the wireless charging function stopped working after 2 weeks, so I had to return it for a refund. My advice is to avoid.

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