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  1. The only problem i see in Anniversary is the horror part of the game, everything is Super bright and less bloody.
    Part of what i really enjoy of Halo CE was the multiplayer mode and the horror/fps parts of the game. Aside from that, anniversary is almost perfect.

  2. So if I want the original split screen multiplayer with the original maps buy the original, or does anniversary come with split screen multiplayer and the original maps?

  3. I really enjoyed this remake, being able to change from old to new graphics was really awesome. I wish they did the same thing with 3, but whatever. I also enjoyed the multiplayer even though it was just a glorified reach map pack. I would have preferred them to just remaster the maps in the original combat evolved style, but I still had a blast playing them.

  4. About the recoil….you're a 6 ft 5in super soldier that can carry twice his size and is wearing an technologically advanced armor…..Im pretty sure the recoil is fine

  5. i bought the master chief collection used for 10$ unbelievable how much value i got.. for 10$ online skins can cost more that and i got a 4 full remastered entire games. fuckin crazy. halo combat evolved is the reason xbox is still around. halo is why xbox succeeded

  6. "Shows its age" What? I really don't get it, it an extremely stupid point to make of a game like halo. the glitch 30 – 60 FPS is because it runs on a console… I run it on PC and I can easily lock it at 30 – 75 consistently with no issues. I would gives the console version 7/10 and PC version 9.8/10.

  7. If gamers haven't played Halo Combat Evolved when it first came out, they have another chance by playing it how it was years ago, with Combat Evolved Anniversary. Remakes don't have to be freaking Call of Duty or re-imaginings, IGN.

  8. No game can age badly. People who say they do are complainers and aren't true gamers. The campaign in Combat Evolved is great and challenging. The only flaw with the campaign has is it having checkpoints. By the way, Halo Reach scenes were used in this. Also, how do you expect weapons from the FUTURE to have recoil? Why want realism? We play video games to escape from reality.

  9. "For those unfamiliar with Master Chief's story, weird I know,…"
    Ok I think that's a little bit dumb. See, this is a remake of the very first game. So people new to the franchise, new enough to not know about Chief's story, would be playing (and looking up reviews for) this game. Because it's the first. I know that might be nit picky but it really got on my nerves.

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