BITCOIN INVERSE HEAD & SHOULDERS Signals PUMP to $8'300 within 2 DAYS!!?

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WOW! Is Bitcoin’s Inverse Head & Shoulders signaling this PUMP to 8’300 within 2 days right now??!

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  2. Hopefully that will happen, but looks like it will go down first until the end of the week and then next week will be a big pump, like what you are saying and start the bull run.

  3. Excellent chris !!! Another short video ! Watch out chris your channel might become my favorite. As I said I will Thumb Up if you do a short video of 10 mins. But you have done a 5 mins…so i wanna give you 2 thumbs UP !!! THUMBED UP !!!!! yeahhhhh

  4. BREAKTHOUGH is coming Suddenly the market sentiment has turned very bearish over the past few days. Lots of FUD and sell off.. this makes me believe that a breakthough to higher levels is likely and will once again prove the majority wrong

  5. Yeah, but what about the fact that the cme futures are ending on Fri ? Btc always dumps a bit with that….. (Longterm 2020-21 I'm v bullish)

  6. Chris, you provoked pump again)
    In the three weeks left in December, the last week was usually not very active, the optimistic 9500-10500 scenario
    Pessimistic scenario 5500-6500
    The moon boy's scenario is 14000-15000

  7. IF we close above 8300 this week and have a confirmation of that the second week (meaning a trade or tick above the previous week high) we are good to go!

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