Don't Ruin Your Smartphone

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Smartphone cases don’t have to ruin your phone. Latercase – LIMITED QUANTITIES TODAY FOLLOW ME IN THESE PLACES FOR …


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  1. Since using Otter Box phone cases I have not had to replace a phone due to a broken screen. Even though ive dropped my phone countless times the screen remains intact. If your phone case can provide the same level of protection on an otterbox ill change over but youll have to prove that to me first. That is because Im not willing to test it for you on my $1k phone.

  2. Part of the reason people buy these $1000 phone is because of the design. Then they go out and put a 10 dollar phone case over it 😂. Never understood that.

  3. he talks like that because he has a drawer filled with smartphones. he doesnt have to repair a broken screen because he could just replace with brand new high end one.
    this how all selfish youtubers act.

  4. Lew, $45 for a phone case! Just for a super thin piece of plastic?! You really need to get your prices down dude.

    I was gonna go ahead and ask for a case of a phone which you currently don't sell, but when I saw the prices,
    *ight, imma head out*

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