Chefs Review Kitchen Gadgets vol.13

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We’ve decided to mix things up a little bit by getting our two chefs to review kitchen gadgets AT THE SAME TIME. We’re not sure how this is going to go… health …


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  1. Tho Electric coconut meat scrapers used to be commonly seen around some markets in Malaysia and instead of a proper machine, it has nails on it instead to get the coconut flesh then turn in to coconut milk later on with it. It creates quite a mess and I don't think anyone would need it in their household.

  2. you can get those silicone glove thingys from poundland for £1 each, and i use them all the time. they have far deeper finger and thumb holes, and do exaclty the same job, except they aren't magnetic

  3. Waaaaaah, about the coconut meat scraper… almost every wet market around our area has that… well, they made it with recycled motors from deep well pumps and had a coconut grater head made for it… but guys, seriously, the woman who sells me coconut milk uses that thing all the time… kids even have fun using those. X3

  4. I want them to use an asian da. Its a blade with legs. you sit with the blade between your legs but the blade is facing away from you. It's a staple of a traditional bangali kitchen.

  5. The Coconut thingy..

    Ben: It's not for domestic use.

    Me: That's similar to the huge machine my grandmother use whenever we need coconut milk for cooking.

    I guess they never use fresh coconut milk. What a lost.

  6. It would be nice to see a full collab video between SORTEDfood and James Hoffmann (a London YouTuber who does videos on coffee) on a bunch of coffee gadgets or something

  7. Funny that they're scared if the coconut shredder. We have a more powerfull and scarier version of that in SE Asia. In the Phil, even young boys who sell coconuts can use the machine easily.

  8. I have the Wacaco and I love it. My in-laws don't drink coffee at all, and it gives me a very easy way to get good coffee at their house without paying an arm and a leg for coffeehouse coffee.

  9. I asked my wife if I could get a Coconut scraper, she said "NO" before suggesting that I could possibly accidentally take out a post code whilst attempting to use it.

  10. I have silicone oven mitts that are so long they look like they're part of a hazmat suit and I'm still burning myself on the regular.

    HOW are these tiny things supposed to work?!

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