Indoor Cinematic FPV Drone?.. CineWhoop like a PRO!

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The CineWhoop is a small, compact FPV drone that has the power and maneuverability of a race drone, but can capture amazing cinematic footage in a way that nothing else can. Having ducts allows it to be flown in very tight indoor areas bouncing off obstacles rather than crashing! Having well tuned machine and knowing how to use ReelSteady is essential, but even more important is proper CineWhoop flying technique…
Nurk is here to share his Pro Tips! Let’s see if he can teach the RR pilots how to CineWhoop like a pro!

Built & Tuned RR DJI CineWhoop:

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HobbyWing Stack:
TMotor F1507 3800kV Motors:
DJI AirUnit:

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– FPV Freestyle Pilots / Hosts –
Paul Nurkkala [NURK FPV]
Daniel Riley [rctestflight]
Joshua Bardwell [Knowitall]
Drew Camden [Le Drib]
Jamie Hodges [LittleStellarFox]
Zoe Stumbaugh [Zoe FPV]

-Production Team-
Chad Kapper – Executive Producer
Drew Camden – Producer
Dan Maffett – Camera
Christian Kapper – Editor

By: Liot

A Girl From Osaka
By: Aulx Studio

By: Liot

By: 7db

Before Today Ends
By: Lit By Fire


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  1. GAME IDEA: chicken
    Normal chicken rules but with drones
    E.G. dive and whoever is highest loses or gets a point
    Speed towards a wall and pull back last minute.
    Pls this would make a great vvid

  2. My assessment on the flyers: Zoe was quick, smooth, and had nice control. Paul had amazing flow, and nice lines, along with an outstanding cinematic pilot! Josh, was quick on the stick, and had good control. Jamie, had smooth control, and beautiful transitions. Danial was smooth in the lines, and had great control, and was creative! Drew, had amazing control, he is a technical flyer, and had smooth lines, plus transitions! Drib was my favorite as he flew some tight gaps, especially by the Raymond dock stoker, that was impressive! Thank you for sharing this experience!

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