Unbox Therapy Case-gate: It’s Worse Than You Know!

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Unbox Therapy released a phone case yesterday. Case-gate is turning out to be more than you expected. Subscribe: https://bit.ly/2FJNZeE Become a channel …


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  1. Shady hitting them with the copyright strike and then removing the content, but don't see much happening with this long term. I'm sure the cases will still sell pretty well and they'll just move on from this. Really hard to fight for intellectual property over a phone case unless the products the exact same and there's physical proof that it's design in entirety has been stolen.

  2. I suspect that Lew and Unboxed Therapy have gone to big for their boots, in being commercially devious. and backstabbing a business and a product that they had previously praised. Lew and the staff must be on a very high retainer for being one of the world's most popular tech channels. I personally think that their earlier stuff was much more innovative now they seem to be a lot lazier and shoddy in their presentations and less interesting to watch. I hope that Lew's devious behavior loses the channel subscribers, Then maybe they will upgrade their format and be honest for a change. Obviously, UBT hasn't been painfully honest about their tech. Let this be a lesson to all Tech Youtubers.

  3. It's nice to know that he is not completely behind his videos anymore. This was probably a marketing stunt by quickmedia I am glad I don't watch his unboxtherapy videos anymore just his lewlater channel.

  4. Lew sucks, he's always been a hack, his 2nd channel is a joke and an obvious attempt for him to get more cash. How is he still relevant and why do people still watch him?

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