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This market trading analysis applies to various exchanges, including Bitmex and Binance. Tackling questions like if Bitcoin can reach 20k again and if we will be seeing a crypto currency market recovery this year. Things like the lightning network have provided huge improvements for BTC and while it is true that others like Roger Ver with Bitcoin Cash (bcash) may disagree, I do see these blockchain technology innovations to be very bullish fundamental signs for the space.
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I make YouTube videos on cryptocurrency news, crypto altcoin analysis, bitcoin trading strategies and a lot more. You’ll find a lot of videos on gems to invest in and learn how I’ve earned money using Bitcoin.

None of my Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Binance Coin (BNB) videos – or any other cryptocurrency videos/online posts – count as financial advice. I am not liable for any losses you may incur when trading crypto, always do your own research (DYOR).

– Sami Loyal


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  1. I have cashed out all my 75 BTC and will buy back in early next year. You can easily see a MID to LOW $4000 BTC coming. I am a full time trader and have advised all my clients to do the same, So should everyone else.!!!

  2. i completely dumped all Crryto kirby bullshit and Crypto Crew Pap and wont hesitate to never come back here–it total BS and an insult to anyone who has any intelligence. CUT THIS BS OUT!!!! ITS GETTING FUCKING OLD–YOU WANT TO TROLL FOR MORONS, THEN THAT IS ALL YOU WILL HAVE LEFT HERE. NOW READY FOR THE ACTUAL CONTENT AT 9:09!!! FUCK THIS

  3. Dude, if you are such a bloody great trader, then give the shilling for your guru service a rest–im unsubscribing if it keeps up–I don't really want to sit through all your sales pitches, and if you are as great as you claim to be, why would you need newbie money so badly?

  4. The cryptouniverse is corrupted and manipulated and the price of the BTC is unreal.
    In January 2017 1 BTC = 1K and 10 million tethers, today there are 4.2 billion tethers that represent 80% of the trading. QE printing = BTC prices go up. The value of the cryptouniverse is smoke .

  5. Important tip even though I’m not a financial advisor. Lookup the stock to flow chart which has been right for the past 8 years. Buy whenever BTC is below the expected price. Also look at the crypto fear & greed index and buy when people are fearful. Every halving, sell when you start hearing people talk about BTC that usually don’t talk about it and when it’s in the news everywhere. Repeat! 💰

  6. Once $8,000 is reclaimed as a support level for bitcoin, it is most likely it would further extend towards the $10,000 region before the year ends but this all speculations based on analysis which may not hold and the most sure means to profiting from the cryptocurrency is by trading and to do so requires a lot of expertise so its best to copy the trades of a more experienced trader which is what I do with Wigman’s. Sebastian Wigman has been of immense help to me both as a tutor and as a signal provider which has helped me amass 6 btc starting out with just 2 btc. He is one of the best traders out there to have as a mentor in my opinion and his is a system that should gain more awareness as so many are completely unaware of the potentials in trading. Sebastian could be reached via Whatspp ( +31 97005034459 ) or Telegram (@wigmans) for inquiries into profitable trading

  7. dollar cost average bitcoin now because no one knows the exact day of a cra$h….. u will b happy u did by the next bitcoin halvening in May 2020 and beyond…

  8. brah half of your video has become a shill now. quality>quantity. Please don't be like crpyto university crew and shit. more than I see charts, I hear @forflies and etc. You are better than that mate!

  9. BTC 8300 is Possible Still. BUT WARNING…I THINK a $3250 BTC Crash is coming quickly after.
    This is a very unhealthy long down trend zone we are in… Since June. It needs to bottom out now to be healthy…

  10. Fools who look at Bitcoin or Forex Price Changes on anything less than four hour charts always get a painful pronto. Long term, Swing or Trend Trading are the only ways. I alway base my TA on Daily, Weekly and Monthly. Trend focus and analysis at the weekly level or the mid range of whatever time frames above four hours I am evaluating.

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