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  1. while he deserves all of his achievements and is definitely one of the greatest tekken players ever, I believe that if Heera Malik can make it out of LCQ and win TWT , then he should be the player of the year. This is because not only is he considered the best player in pakistan, he has done A LOT for the pakistani tekken community from the background. He has his own tekken arcade where he would conduct tournaments for players and would do his best to put other players forth. He just never had the chance to get a proper sponsor. I'm not saying that Arsalan is not better than Heera, but based on their matches against each other and their matches against the same players, its highly likely that heera would be in the same if not better position as arsalan if he had the chance to enter more tournaments. Same goes for many other pakistani players, but I just find heera to be the best player

  2. Can't agree more, this dude deserved appreciation considering the fact he had absolute no support whatsoever and still he dominated the circuit throughout the year. Thanks mate for choosing him.

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