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  1. MORNING! Thanks to all for watching. Spread the word, facebook it, twitter it, share it, whatever you can! FYI Gamepass and MS version is SUPPOSED to be day and date but hearing rumours they might be a bit delayed.
    Also if you want to check out the coolest damned discord and patreon ever come on by

  2. What rubbish guys, save money for Xcom 3, or for a pizza, because this game, for those coming from the various Xcom of firaxis game, is a crazy boiata. I waited 6 months, I played 6 hours (not 600 as with Xcom 2) and I am so disgusted that I uninstalled both Phoenix Point and its launcher (Epic Games), equally painful! I warned you, your money !!!!!

  3. WTF? This game looks lika a copy of x-com 2 with a different color scheme. The houses, streetlights, and UI looks almost exactly like x-com. They even have the three-wheeled car that is precisely the same as in WotC…

  4. forgot to meant on kickstart it whas support to be on stream too but they say yes to teh ecip money and screw over huge amount off peep who support the game to get it made in the first first plac

  5. Really glad to see you back to reviewing!

    Especially after your inconsistent uploads as of late and you're mindless bitching that no-one cared about.

  6. There is game breaking bugs.
    If a enemy overwatch triggers a explosion that kills themselves and other AI, on your turn, the game stays in slowmo and the UI turns off and the game freezes.

  7. XCOM: The Bureau was great. Sub-par but serviceable gameplay, decent story and characters, excellent atmosphere and music that elevates the whole experience. People shit all over it, but I think it really held up.

  8. I played Xcom on the original playstation in the 90s. That game's hit percentages used to piss me off to the point my wife would turn the game off and hide the fucking disc because it cheated so much and it was literally the only thing that could make me mad. It wasn't 99% chance to hit, it was a 99% chance to miss. ON the upside, I got a lot of sex out of the deal, that was her go to cure all when I was mad about something or sick. I think she was trying to kill me looking back… maybe.

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