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  1. HELLO

    It seems I put TL through the LTT transcoder.

    I usually catch myself when I do that and inform my peers but it didn't happen yesterday.

    Given the increasing frequency at which I seem to be doing TL, I'll give myself a preset or reminder somewhere.

    Thanks bye sorry.

  2. What is wrong with the formatting lol? Didn't you guys look at the video after you made it, and realize it was the wrong aspect ratio?

  3. Me: “Fire Colton”
    Chat: “because of the aspect ratio and bezels!”
    Me: “because of the contrast and saturation”
    Chat: “… but I like that change…”

  4. Sundar Pichai as CEO of Alphabet? Now the company is completely screwed. It will be completely populated by H1B incompetents and nothing else.

  5. Eskobar phone, the choice of drug dealers…..Probably has some wacky signal blocking and tracking protections on it lol.

  6. U should read ur fair share dosage of wuxia and recognize the awesomeness of the kun-peng meteoric escape (or not really cuz its quite the blown up name for a dash)

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