LaterCase by UnboxTherapy Review & Durability Test!

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LaterCase by UnboxTherapy Review & Durability Test! Let’s check out the LaterCase by Unboxtherapy. This video is a full review and durability test of the case.


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About the Author: Kevin Riazi


  1. Aramid and carbon fibre are flame resistant… Totally failed ALL tests… His knock off Alibaba case melted… He literally said it was flame resistant (was in your video and his other stupid channel). He's a liar and a scammer, but if he said it was just plastic with an outer surface that LOOKS like carbon fiber or aramid that would then be acceptable. Other reviews of TRUE aramid or carbon fiber actually show flame tests that do NOTHING to the cases. He's just screwed himself

  2. So you think Lew did nothing wrong that's worth telling your audience. Like hiding an old video where he reviewed the Pitaka case positively, so he can now say he'd never liked a single case. Then also striking a copyright claim against the Pitaka channel for the same video.

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