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  1. This deserves a 9. Are you kidding me dude? There are rich gameplay components that have not been fleshed out in VR before. The entire physics gameplay is amazing and you give it a 7? What a joke.

  2. Here’s my review: 9/10. Like the review said, the physics engine isn’t perfect, but that doesn’t matter because it’s far better than anything any other game has done to this day. This is a turning point for Vr and it can only go up from here.

  3. @2:01 "that plague its digital corridors" .. corridor digital (yt channel) is where brandon who created this game, he works close with them as they are his friends lol a cool connection

  4. “Physics based games like Blade n’ Sorcery and GORN-“

    My guy, if GORN is supposed to be physics based, why the hell are the weapons lighter than feathers then lmao

  5. This game is a MASTERPIECE!!!!!!! Plus the devs r aware of the saving problem and r working hard to fix this by adding a save feature where u can save whenever u like. The patch will come out next month on the 3rd or 4th

  6. I'm 2+ hours in so far so it's just sort of getting going now. Aside from the physics, i haven't really seen anything that stands out so far so i'm hoping it picks up. At the moment i kind of wish i went with Asgard's Wrath but i'll keep going

  7. Fair score based on the review. Look at other user reviews and you'll see similar feelings. Some fans of the game are really defensive about it though. It's fine if it's not a perfect game.

  8. People: boooo ign always give out 8 or 9 scores everytime they review something so fake no effort.

    Ign: *gives 7.9 to boneworks

    People: suprised pikachu face

  9. I think 7.9 is a fair score. I'd even go as low as 7 because other than the physic system, it doesn't have much for itself.

    AI is probably some of the dumbest I've ever seen in a game and the story is uninteresting at best.

    Past the fun 2 first hours spent playing around with the physics, there's not much else to enjoy so you end up rushing your way to the next fight and next level. Until the end of the game.

  10. IGN giving only 7.9 to BONEWORKS is ridiculous.. Especially when you see that they gave 9.5 to beat saber (I’m not saying it’s a bad game I love it too, but it feels like an empty shell without mods and boneworks has way more content to offer for a cheaper price…)

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