Trading Bitcoin – Huge Bounce Off the Daily + 12h 9's, Now What?

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  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand you were wrong again…. lol , it pumped from 6500.
    I wonder what bullshit excuse you will come with next video. What a fucking joke….

  2. very suspicious when old man bragging his trading profits, and entry points (in a hindsight), praises Bitcoin standard (which is complete bullshit), and shilling his paid group. Though his nick name is literally says everything about him. Just asking: if dude really makes decent money on trading why the heck he'll run paid group? He's a Venzen 2.0.

  3. Tone, I’d be willing to video my progress to share , help adoption and educate people in a more visual real life way. I have a place in DR also in case you guys would want to do it during the convention or whenever. I live in the USA btw. ✌️🤙

  4. I’ll be there if in DR””” fantastic!! I’m reaching out to you to ask you if you would know anyone who’s willing to mentor me in TA and leverage trading. As I scalp and swing trade on CB Pro and even though I’m making good trades, im not really making much btc . Is there any chance you would know where or who would be willing to mentor me? I have a family of 5 and I need to greatly expand my portfolio / net worth and provide more opportunities to my wife and kids. I greatly respect your opinion and would appreciate it more than you could ever know if you can help. I’m willing to do whatever I have to do. Please help, thanks again ✌️

  5. Playas Tijuana is a Bitcoin paradise. Many traders here. I have 3 neighbors and 1 restaurant next door that will give me pesos for bitcoin. All we need is a BTM. Only 1 in 2014 but no more. You get tax benefits along with regulatory advantages such as being able to trade leverage sites banned to us residents.

  6. Yep! This could be the beginning of Santa Claus rally 🎅🏻. Let’s hope Santa has gone 🇷🇺 Russian Orthodox and the rally extends to 7th January.

  7. When I first found you on YouTube during the Death Cross Empire @@ (when I first entered this whole fckd up scheme)
    .I thought you're off your FCKN Rocker…A year later And Still Floating in the Pacific…
    Just had to Feed the Sharks $$$ to Survive…WHEW !!! lol
    So I Proceeded and deleted 98% of all the bullshit channels I started with as I"m learning…Because I've become SMRAT :')
    And some how you're still part of my 2% Club…GOOD JOBSKI !!!
    I'm trying to learn sequencual's ??? But yet still try to learn Longing n Shorting
    As mush as I listen to all it still makes No Sense
    Can You make a video On how to do it On A Binance Platform for…US
    Asking for a Friend…lol

  8. Guys I am on my path to success just like you ☑️ I started my youtube channel to record my journey 💯💯💯 You are welcome to check it and go along with me ✔️✔️✔️

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