Why Mid-Range smartphones are the new Flagships.

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Why Mid range smartphones have become the dominant smartphone sector over the years, and where they’re going in 2020 and beyond.


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  1. I like your 5 analytical answers. You are absolutely right, there is no added value of going for higher end phone. The only thing that sets it apart is camera. How many times does a person use cameras so it doesn't really bother the majority so they will just focus on the processing power. And China phones are good enough. Only some apple or samsung phone followers would just follow blindly. It is going to be plateau unless it is able to integrate more to daily living.

  2. Another factory is that peaple don't want to spend 1000 dollers for a phone which after 2 year become outdated..
    If the companies assure consumer that this flagship phone is atleast future proof for atleast 5 or 6 years…then may be more peaple will buy flagships phone rather than mid-range phones..

    1000/5 is equal to 200 dollers per year.. and thats why i argue with my friends that iPhones are not expensive if you consider its future proofing ability…the A10 bionic processor is still capable and may will be capable upto 2021..

    The problem is only with Android phones..even the last year snapdragon 845 chip is considered today as outdated chip..

  3. I wonder why if you are British and based in Britain do you constantly quantify items using Dollars instead of Pounds. Could it be that you are willing to sell your soul for more subscribers? Get a backbone man.

  4. Love how your videos are very detailed and at the same time not confusing ❤️ Really my go to YouTube page when there is a new product in the market to see the best reviews 🙂

  5. why the flagship sales is diping and budget phones are rising ?
    let me explain as a user of 150$ phone and a 600$ phone

    the year of oneplus 3 (400$) i bought it
    the performance and camera was great at a time than the budjet device after redmi note 5 pro was released a 150$ device
    so it was 2 yrs for getting the performance as an early stage
    now i bought a oneplus 6t 500$ and after 4 months a 150$ device redmi note 7 pro comes which shoots better pics than my 6t

    will i consider a midrange anymore ?
    its better to buy a 150$ device every year than 600 $ device for 3 years 🙃

  6. Almost for ten years I've been buying flagships.
    Switched to a Vivo, …and battery life is amazing, also 3.5mm headphone port

  7. A good and timely post for me! I'm currently juggling/struggling with whether to stretch the budget beyond limits to get a new whizz bang top drawer phone… Even though my need no longer matches the expenditure.

    Human psychology definitely is a strange one!

  8. One more: mid range phones often offer more mature feature that most people find useful. Flagship in the other hand, offer feature that not mature enough, sometimes it's just a gimmick.

  9. I got Samsung A50 this summer,phone is fucking great,and will get Android 10 by April.I can run any game with ultra settings (I don't play games on my phone I just tested it for PUBG and it worked great),battery life is awesome sometimes I even don't charge it for 2 days and even than it stays around 30-40% I never let it go below that,and it has OLED what iPhone just got -_-

  10. One of the reasons for the mid range phone customers is they think a phone is just meant to last atmost 2-3yrs so they don't spend a premium price of flagships and get the mid range phone just for some 2-3yrs

  11. I'll pay the price premium when these phones come with graphene 4 day battery life and almost un destructible design and dual speakers with 4K display

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