Note 5 Unboxing / To Note Or Not?

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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – Subscribe – dbrand skins – Welcome to my unboxing and overview of …


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  1. i had D note. note 3, note 8, now i have note 10 5g, i use them for WORK (customers sign for delivery) and They have never let me down: batery, signal (gps), scratches and the pen doesnt whear of even when customers abusing it every day (u get spare tips
    anywhay-wich i never used)

  2. I was gaining my sister's old note 5 and she has a gold one. The back glass is also cracked. My sister also lost the best part of the phone in my opinion….the gosh dang fricken pen.

  3. I get the feeling that you don't really get very excited about Samsung Notes anymore, I was a primarily Samsung phone type of guy I just didn't like all the bloatware and s*** taking up all my space. Then something had pissed me off. And I found the Huawei mate 10 it's been love at first sight I still love it. I don't care if the Chinese are spying on me , they probably have a Chinese YouTube channel where they watch my s*** and laugh at me all day long.,,, But I don't care if I'm the laughingstock of China I still like my Huawei better than my Samsungs & any of my iPhones

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