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  2. You absolutely missed point of XRP, obviously dont understand it, I know you are supposed to be uneducated as BTC max but dude, stop talking about it because you looks like noob. LMAO.

  3. We’ve come up and filled the gap but yesterday’s candle on the daily created another lower high and another lower low so looks like the short term bearish trend is still in play. Will 6400 hold for a 3rd time?

  4. There are significant negative effects with bots. If you are not an IT man you won't really understand what the limits (blind spots) of bots are. Even in gaming you see bots that keep walking in the wall and do stupid stuff.

  5. I wish the various "authorities" will just stop with the "crypto is being used by criminals" propaganda. All the thieves I ever met worked exclusively in US dollars. Fiat is the perfect "money" to use to avoid detection while operating criminal networks. If you want to get caught – use bitcoin.

  6. It's evident the manipulators of CME again pumped the price to fill their gap, first they let the price dump to get the number of buyers they needed to generate the impulse for a parabolic movement …

    …now get ready for a possible new crash of this manipulated bounce, we could retest the support since the bounce was in part fictitious, but… next time will we find all those buyers or will the price fall further because before buying many will wait more before risking? …which could translate into lower lows? I presume that volume profile could change in some way, maybe next time that large support will locate a little lower .. after all CME has been doing this maneuver for months already, around the 19-22 of each month, and that is collapsing the price because it kills the massive arrival of new people except for those going to CME itself or Bakkt….

    …it's better when the price action follows a solid recovery that people can trust-in instead of fake movements that Wall Street carnivores need for specific dates of the month.

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