3 Big Reasons That THIS Bitcoin Pump Looks Different…

This market trading analysis applies to various exchanges, including Bitmex and Binance. Tackling questions like if Bitcoin can reach 20k again and if we will be seeing a crypto currency market recovery this year. Things like the lightning network have provided huge improvements for BTC and while it is true that others like Roger Ver with Bitcoin Cash (bcash) may disagree, I do see these blockchain technology innovations to be very bullish fundamental signs for the space.

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  1. Does everyone realize how unbelievable bullish it is in the macro if BTC found its bottom at the 6400 range?? We are then logarithmically repeating gains we saw out of the 2015 bear market (though this brutal market threw a wrench and reached it in a different way). The size and intensity of this correction will create a new baseline bottom (aprox 2x of our previous 3k bottom)…so another bull cycle is ready to be under way. From an investing standpoint, calling the next top has little to do with you being able to hold long term till your ultimate goal. Extrapolating the next bottom from previous price action does!! That means a "very conservative" bottom of the next bear market would be a 1.5 multiple or $9750…and yes it could be even 20-30k! I'm hearing so many new investors preaching DCAing…thats fine if you missed the boat and want to buy dips in a bull market, but we now have an opportunity to copy what institutions and large investors are doing…and thats getting your full position now at a huge discount… Buying now creates a position you can easily hold for the years because youre way below future market bottoms. Worse thing you can do is increase allocations during the uptrend in order to purchase the same amount of an asset…then it dumps and you panic sell at the wrong time. Bottom line is we're ready for a swift take-off hopefully to 50k+!! Long term sentiment changes in a single day on Bitcoin and its about that time!

  2. Truthfully people need to do their own research and not reply on people like this. This pattern has repeated so many times lately it's getting boring. Exchanges liquidating longs and shorts in one move. You'll note the amount of money going into crypto isn't moving, it's simply changing hands so a bull run is at least 5-6 months off, if there is one.

    The market is unregulated so the gullible are fleeced every time, think they're gonna say bitcoin is great to all their friends. Until the banks get onboard again (the cause of the last real bull run to $20k) it's going nowhere fast. Do basic research like social signals, google search etc.

  3. People only fear to loose when they have not prepared to win and that is very evident in the crypto space today. Bitcoin as a system (store of value, payment method or both) has proven beyond reasonable doubts to be a wining streak if as a trader you understand that it's not just all about hodling when the tides are low and selling when the tides are high. Bitcoin professionals are already making moves as you should on profitable trading as the year 2020 promises a major boom in the world of bitcoin. With trading signals from Sebastian Wigman: Whatspp (+31 97005034459) or Telgram (@Wigmans) I was able to trade 2 btc to 6 btc in 14 days of trading. He is a professional trading guru I was introduced to who changed my whole trading experience. His trading signals are the most accurate and I recommend him because he gives guarantee and a form of leverage to hang onto.

  4. Persuade the masses to buy every "bottom!" meanwhile most of them are overleveraged and will miss out on the greatest gains overall in the long run. Remember if you're 90% down you need a 990% gain to make up for it!

  5. Kirby says nothing has changed and that we are still in a downward trend. Do you personally think the trend has changed or will more selling commence soon?

  6. This guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about and is obviously giving terrible advice to his groups It’s just a lower high. We’ve been doing this for the past 6 months. There isn’t enough proof that this is a reversal. We need to be way higher and the probability is it will drop again.

  7. Bulls are not back until we get passed $12,500. If we can get passed that then we go into the second phase of bitcoin $20,000 and up. We dont meet $12,500 we go back down to $3000 or below

  8. It would be healthy if it went to 6800? Stop it? The health is behind us. We just were down past previous lows. That’s healthy enough. Everyone was shitting them selves . It’s over now . Let’s travel higher consistently , let’s fuckin go

  9. Manchester United ⚽️ next up for Bitcoin shirt sponsors Watford FC live on Worldwide TV from the EPL ??????? next weekend.

    Litecoin name up in lights next Sunday with Łitecoin partnered Miami Dolphins ? up against Cincinnati Bengals ? in the NFL.

  10. We are in a range my friend. How can you use Fibonacci to measure a pullback in a trend when we are not in a trend we are in a range

  11. Okay so forgetting the fact that a year ago you were calling for $60,000 I am not going to tell you you don't know what you're doing.

    What I will tell you is you have a way too many support and resistance lines. Go to the 4 hr and you will see we are in a range you should not have more than four lines on your chart or you are doing way too much
    And you are factoring too many time frames. Most of those lines do not do anything on your trading time frame those lines are only important on lower time frames

  12. You should start showing proof of trade man, nice videos sometimes but it’s easy to say you got in and out etc etc but if you prove it you’ll gain a lot more respect, analysis is only half of the game I’ve been trading for years and I know your young, you can be correct in market direction but still lose money

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