Dope Tech: The 4K OLED Wallpaper TV!

LG 4K OLED W: Possibly the most glorious wall-mounted TV of all time. A look into the future of television panels. LG 4K OLED W: …


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About the Author: Marques Brownlee


  1. Dude, you're really amateur! You don't know how to hide a cable behind a wall? You can watch a YouTube video and learn in 5 minutes!

  2. there were once ancient civilizations before then they reached their most advanced stage and suddenly disappeared, im sure the current civilization is nearing an end too, cro magnons will soon roam the earth to start new civilizations and earth will be known by another name

  3. I'm glad, I watched this video on my 2K monitor and on my 720P TV. It's definitely worth seeing in higher details. The work you did to get the video to be so crisp with that tight focus was amazing for me to see. Good work, Marques.

  4. This is mind blowing, this is my definition of art. It’s expensive rn, after Samsung and other brands start to make their own models it’ll be more affordable.

  5. Nah, not thin enough. Made a hole on the wall so its actually in the wall, completely flat. Then put a thin later of glass over the entire wall, clear where the TV is dark (black?) every where else. So when its off its just a plain semi-gloss wall.
    Oh, you could buy those fake thin walls. And put them around and bellow the TV. To cover the ribbon if you don't want to break your real wall.

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