BITCOIN Back to 6k Levels!? Was This the WRONG CALL?

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Will Bitcoin crash one more time to the 6k levels!? Or was I & many top crypto analysts wrong about the btc bears taking over once more? Bitcoin price has been bullish lately, pushing close to 7.5k resistance. Is 8k Bitcoin next or will 6k be the new norm? Plus crypto news from Ethereum DeFi, Chainlink & more!

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  1. Swift GPI is not disruptive enough, You are wrong Chico, Ripple will lead the way in the next decade.

    Thanks to the Ripple's innovative and advanced distributed ledger technology (DLT) and its capabilities to address interoperability and scalability issues – SWIFT is being forced to improve payment processing standards and correspondent banking – a decades old and inefficient system. The SWIFT gpi is born.

    Nevertheles, Ripple offers better, faster and cheaper technology services to its clients and customers in the global arena of the cross-border payments.

  2. Corporate treasures can take advantage of SWIFT GPI tracker as this provides visibility of receipts and inwards. However, these new standards still rely on old infrastructure and not as disruptive as payments based on Blockchain technology. SWIFT, the incumbent is also trying its innovation in Blockchain space – but being a little skeptical about the scalability of the framework.

    Ripple on the other hand is based on disruptive distributed ledger technology[DLT] standards and has further enhanced the framework using ILP [InterLedger Protocol] to address interoperability and scalability issues. Ripple Product Suite consists of various payment processing technologies – RippleNet, xCurrent, ILP, xRapid and xVia. These technologies offer revolutionary standards in payment processing standards on speed, tracking, scalability and liquidity, thereby emerging as main competitor to SWIFT’s monopoly. Ripple offers payment processing standards which confirms payment finality within seconds whereas SWIFT GPI promises payments within 30 minutes or within 24 -hour time frame.

    Ripple payments as with any disruptive technology face resistance in adoption of this technology and few banks have adopted this. However, the recent developments in global payments indicates that SWIFT and Ripple can effectively contribute to payment processing standards on a collaborative mode. Banco Santander which has previously launched Ripple powered payment application OnePayFX has gone live with SWIFT GPI for cross-border payments. Ripple is one of the exhibitioners for the proposed SIBOS 2018, contrast to the fact that Ripple launched SWELL as a counter event for SIBOS in 2016.

    The fact which can be inferred from these developments is that global payments space is poised to witness disruptive changes – Ripple has forced SWIFT to improve payment processing standards – which has previously been ignored and taken for granted. This is good news for major corporates who has suffered from inefficacies of the system. SWIFT GPI and Ripple payments – are advances in payment processing space trying to address age old issues using different approaches. Corporates/ financial institutions can adopt these technological advances which will suit specific requirements in payment processing.

  3. China has made CRYPTO obsolete. BYE BYE bitcoin.
    They neither have cash nor Credit cards.
    They use their electric Cell phones to pay bills, deposit employment checks and transfer money to anyone they want.

  4. Great stream. Wanted to email you the other day, but since you already came up with some of your past biz.. why not keep on doin it? See, most of the crypto tubers are promoting stuff they share o lot of sympathy with, sometimes this will lead to them offering shit to their followers because someone payed them to nicetalk stupid things.
    But the more they promote bullshit, the more they are reliant on their behaviour, the deeper the swamp gets, bla bla bla.

    Try goin ways no one here does right now, ok, some does by posting links to equipment they use to stream which has mostly nothing to do with the content itself. Now get further, snowboarding.. bees.. beer.. what else?? Man, it was you poppin up with a beer and i loved it!
    The crowd you're reachin out to obviously follows you because they share same interrests, livestyle, view on things, etc..

    Gettin 14k plus hits on a brand or item your presenting would be awesome.. companies payin a fortune on buying datasets from facebook (the data you folks gave for free btw.) to get into this groups and target them as customers/consumers.

    My suggestion is to present completley unrelated stuff so you don't need to rely on same branch' peoples goodwill that you most probably goin to piss off when talkin bout their shady side of life.

    Just imagine this thiny bin of honey that flashes up in your stream next to the mic, with QR on it. Who will scan and pay first?? (no money no honey) while doin so you can teach how the buyer can now sign a message with all data to proove he's the one who bought your honey…
    Or a QR that refers boarders over the manufactorers main page to the next shop nearby their location. Now your favourite brand PR manager can easily see that it was you who brougt visitors and a lead to sale..And there's much more.. be crazy, and never stop caring for things you like.

    And now i'm waiting for a freaky backflip contest to win a shitload of honey 🙂

  5. R3 corda is partnered with swift and r3 corda uses xrp to settle the payments. That’s a fact. So I understand your apprehension of xrp but they make major moves. And are very important for blockchain to surviving. So you can shill what you want and you are very good for the most part on research but you are biased a lot once they get on ur bad side.

  6. Are we overbought on LINK? Should we buy ETH instead? I'm asking hypothetically of course, not asking for financial advise.

    Thank you CC for the education

  7. The world is on fire with protests, The Fed is printing unlimited money in overnight Repos bailing the banks out and their balance sheet is the highest its ever been, nations around the world have been stockpiling gold and repatriating gold, china is taking out the bitcoin miners because theyre going to have their own gold backed crypto, negative interest rates in europe, congress has the crypto act of 2020…..Theyre just trying to keep the public from realizing the music is gonna stop soon…. hash rate is high and is oversold….people better have Bitcoin, Gold, & Silver

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