The iPhone You've Been Waiting For…

A notch-less iPhone makes another appearance. Thumbnail photo credit Ben Geskin Subscribe for more internet + tech news. Email questions to will [at] …


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  1. I think that if Apple could make a funny laid back game (Not online competitive) like Borederland's, I think they could do that especially with the way they market things.

  2. I'd personally rather have the in-display fingerprint scanner than face ID. My S10+ has both and despite me resetting the face ID numerous times, it still deems useless 95 percent of the time, whereas the fingerprint scanner is a much more consistent feature.

  3. Regarding "Apple Gaming". The culture of a company limits what it can accomplish. The people you have don't have the skills to accomplish any task imaginable. No matter how much money you have, it's not necessarily possible to hire, retain and enable the productivity of people who have the right skills in an existing company. Growing in size also has significant detrimental effects on productivity. Just Apple wants to become a game company doesn't mean they can.
    That being said, if they can leverage what they learned about distribution in Apple Music, they might be able to create something similar to Steam.

  4. Everyone is so against face unlock, but to be honest, I've never had a fingerprint scanner that was really reliable. Besides, there's advantages to having it over the fingerprint scanner.

  5. I’m not a huge fan of the notch but it doesn’t annoy me that bad. I do Enjoy face id tho and think it’s easier than fingerprint scanner. They need to find a way to hide the camera and sensors under the display. That would be pretty impressive!

  6. Been watching for a few years now. Honest advice; try doing a video with more straightforward talk. All the “as you woulds” makes the video a little too long and boring for viewers. This is why i prefer later clips but please make the videoes here shorter too ty.

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