Best Smartphone Tech of CES 2020!

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CES 2020 Tech for smartphones Android iOS and more! The best tech and favorites in 2020 smartphone accessories! These 2020 smartphone tech launched at …


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About the Author: Dom Esposito


  1. Wow poop socket fixed the problem i always use as escuse not buying one , lol….the need to over a good deal with a glitter socket or baby yoda 😉
    That watch is like so big…and when it comes to big watchet. Gear s1 still the king sold it…but when it cones to that biggest best watch no one beated that guy + its UV sensor + simcard slot
    Interesting video nice covering some of the side things ✌👏

  2. I met Dom at CES 2017. He is an awesome genuine dude brought me into his shoot to discuss what he was looking at which is way more then I expected. The man is a legend and an all around reliable resource for all things tech

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